Château Marquis de Vauban

Visit the Chateau Marquis de Vauban and discover the secrets of the greatest wines of Bordeaux!

> Discover the wealth and the diversity of the vineyards and the cellars of the Chateaux of Bordeaux through the different travels proposed by Chateau Marquis de Vauban!

The Chateau Marquis de Vauban takes his origins in the 17th century but his history is much older. They are illustrious fates such as Roland of Roncesvalles, Alienor d'Aquitaine, the Duke of St Simon, Louis XIV and of course, Vauban who made the history of Blaye and the Castle Marquis de Vauban. A journey back in time from the 8th century to our days.

Today, proud of his almost 60 hectares of vineyards and on the advice of Eric Boissenot, oenologist of French great wines (Margaux, Lafite, Latour), David Cartereau develops a high-quality wine appreciated all over the world.

Only 600m. away from the Citadel of Blaye, classified in the UNESCO world heritage, the Castle Marquis de Vauban suggests you in to discover the secrets of greatest wines of Bordeaux.

Since the creation of the touristic service in 2010, the Castle Marquis de Vauban is part of the wine places the most visited in Aquitaine. An absolute must-see in only 50 km away from Bordeaux!

The visit and wine tasting at the Chateau Marquis de Vauban are inevitable in Gironde!

Open time for the visit :

From March, 24th of 2018 to November, 11th of 2018, every days from 9:00am to 7:00pm. (last visit to 17h)
Sells at the Chateau : open all year long. Free welcome for Campers (48 hours) all year long, 7day/ 7.